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Moving to Melbourne? Let us make it easier

 Moving to a different area in the city can be quite difficult, so imagine the difficulty of moving to Melbourne without interstate removalists' services! This endeavour can become a lot more difficult if you have a lot of important items that you need to bring along with you. This could possibly include heavy items like large appliances, different types of furniture and many more. Do you want to avoid all the hassle of removing and transporting items by yourself? 

Reliable People to Get the Job Done

A primary concern for a lot of clients is the safety of the items to be moved. This is a perfectly understandable concern, as they can be vulnerable to mishandling and damage on the road. A.R.T. uses all the necessary resources to ensure that the move is secure, with very little risk for damage. This includes highly trained and experienced personnel to handle the removal of items and oversee transport, as well as the use of modern transportation and storage equipment to minimise the risk for item damage when moving to Sydney and other destinations.

If you are using our services to move items to and from NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, QLD and Far North Queensland, then you are guaranteed a very fast move, as you have the option of the overnight delivery service. This can be very helpful, especially if there are specific dates that you want to move, or if you want to push through with the move in a relatively short notice.

The Best Value Removalist Sydney to Melbourne

Aside from the speed and reliability, there are also other highlights to our services.

This includes reasonable rates. For starters, there is no minimum hourly charge. There is no additional charge if your move requires a much larger truck. Also, there are no hidden or surprise charges; all charges that will need to be paid will be included in the quote.

Do you need to move on holidays and weekends, but are worried about the possible additional costs? You need not worry, as there is no price increase for our services on these days.

Many people complain that there are some interstate removalist services that do not show up on a given date, or call on a very short notice. This is not the same with Australian Road Transport. Once a removal date and time has been set, you can rely on our interstate removalist  services to be there and help you out with this task. 


Our Services Include:



Experienced removalist a large truck up to 50 cubic metres (fits up to an average 5-6 bedroom home) with a tailgate for easy loading/unloading, proper padded blankets, complimentary lounge, mattress protectors and full furniture removals insurance.

Our service features:


vNo minimum hourly charge 

vSame price for moving on on weekends and public holidays

vReasonable and affordable moving rates 

vNo additional charge for booking larger trucks

vNo fuel surcharge 

vAll quotes are confirmed in writing

vNo hidden surprises at your door step.

vInterstate backloading services

vPick your removal date and time and we will be there- we will not let you down!




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