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 Have a Hassle Free Move with ART Removals and Storage Pty Ltd.

Transferring to a new place? You may be transferring to a new apartment or condominium within the city, or to a new home in the suburbs or in another state? Do you have a lot of property and other important yet heavy items to bring along with you like furniture, appliances, decorations, and many more? If so, then I am sure moving would be quite a bit of a hassle, especially if you do not have the proper transportation or sufficient help. If you need help with your move and make it a less stressful and more efficient endeavor, you can avail of the quality services of A.R.T. Removals and storage.

The Trusted Removalist

Looking for help during a big move to a new area can be quite difficult. Looking for a quality and reliable service can be a lot harder. With the services of A.R.T. however, you are guaranteed a fast move with little to no hassle whatsoever.

The removals service is applicable to almost anything you have in your current place that you want to be transferred. It could be heavy furniture, large appliances or even fragile decorations, the service guarantees that these items will be packed securely and will travel safely to their intended destination with little risk of damage.

A.R.T. employs experienced removalists as well as a large truck for transport, easy loading and unloading of items, further reducing the risk for any damage, as well as ensuring that the move is very easy and will cause little headaches. It is also notable that furniture and other equipment are covered by insurance; a testament to the service’s reliability and dedication to giving clients a very easy move with as little worry as possible.

Relocations Service for Any Application

While the service is very helpful for those transferring residences and the like, it does not stop there. Australian Road Transport service can also be applied for businesses seeking to transfer their base of operations, or branch out into a different area. With A.R.T’s professional group of removalists and transportation that can hold up to 50 cubic meters worth of items, the service guarantees that it can transfer a large volume of cargo to different key cities here in Australia.

Despite the high level of quality that this service provides to its customers, the prices do not have to be expensive. A.R.T offers very affordable hourly rates for its services, with prices depending on how large of a scale the move would be. There is no minimum hourly charge on removals, and there are no surprise fees on the day of the move. All prices would be as quoted, and most importantly there is no extra charge for moving on weekends and holidays.

ART Removals and Storage Pty Ltd offers the best help possible for your move at a very reasonable price.



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