Removalist Courier and Taxi Truck

Removalist Courier and Taxi Truck Services

Moving Large, Heavy Items with Ease Using Courier and Taxi Truck Services


Personal moves can be difficult, but moving to a new place while bringing a lot of large and heavy items is a different story all together. Without the proper help and services, the move can be very difficult.

 If you are moving to a new place here in Australia, and have many large and heavy items to bring with you, check out Australian Road Transport & Removals Pty Ltd taxi truck services.

Why Use Our Courier and Taxi Trucks?

With us, you can choose the best transportation suitable for your move. For small moves, you can use our Man and a Van service, where you get enclosed taxi truck hire to deliver your small items to your new place along with one removalist to help you in the disassembly, removal, and handling of the various items in your house.

If you need to move medium weight and sized items like furniture and other appliances, you can use Australian Road Transport & Removals Pty Ltd taxi truck services instead. These are perfect if you need to move items with weights ranging from one tonne up to 15 tonnes. You can hire trucks that can accommodate 15 tonnes worth of items and equipment, for the affordable price of $65/h.

Need Taxi Truck Services for Extremely Heavy and Large Equipment? No Problem!

Not all moves are residential in nature and can get away with small vehicles. Often it is more of a business move and you need to transfer your business' base of operation into a different city. For such moves, certain heavy equipment and supplies must be brought along, and can be difficult to pull off with just manual help; you need heavier duty services.

For such moves, A.R.T. also offers crane or Hiab trucks for your use. These are able to lift very heavy equipment like machinery, large and heavy appliances, and much more. For this service, you will be charged just $98/h for both the truck and the driver.

If you plan to move large and heavy equipment into a different city here in Australia,  Australian Road Transport & Removal offers the best removalist taxi truck services for you.


Vehicles & Rates

ART Removals and Storage Pty Ltd also offer taxi truck services from 1 ton ute up to 15 tonne truck

  • Flat Top Taxi Truck Services up to 15 tonnes with driver from: $65p/h
  • Enclosed Taxi Trucks up to 15 tonnes with driver from:$65/h

Crane or Hiab Trucks also available:

Hiab trucks or truck with crane are also available for heavy machinery, tiles deliveries, large commercial fridges, palletised jobs.

Our Hiab/Crane taxi trucks start from: $98p/h for truck and driver.




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